Thursday, November 1, 2007


Matt has been working to learn to use his arm prosthesis and will be getting a new hand attachment which is a hook type devise. He is scheduled to get his first leg prostheses in about a month! Hopefully he will be up on his new feet very soon. In the meantime, Matt is going to get to go sailing in Florida. He will be learning to sail on a boat which has been adapted for people with a single arm. He will be traveling with a group of wounded soldiers from the CFI. Smooth sailing, soldiers!


marta said...

Way to go, Matt!!! I know you can do it all!. Your Mom took me sailing once at Lake Jacomo and I believe I was not such a good sailor but it was fun. I continue to be awed by your progress and your courage.

Kim H. said...

I had the amazing honor of meetig Matt in person last weekend, what a small world this really is! Matt, I wish you smooth sailing from here on out, you are an inspiration to us all!
My Best and Fellow Korean Adoptee,

Ann L. said...

Matt, you continue to amaze me, with every new report that we get. I think there will be no holding you back. Have fun sailing with your fellow soldiers. We love and miss you.

Annie:) and Greg

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous news! Keep up the good work with rehab, and have a great time sailing!
Becky & Bob

Anonymous said...

Matt: Are you on an antidepressant, too? That can help with the pain and the B vitamins. Try meditation, too. I wish you ALL the success!!! Thank you for ALL of your sacrifices, I think you are "The Bees Knees"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are my HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine Salter, R.N.

Lauren B. said...

Sail on Matt!!! You are truly an inspiration to us all.
Happy Thanksgiving to you Tessa and the girls.

Anonymous said...

Happy Veterans Day!(One day late!) Many Americans get this day off in remembrance of the men and women like you who make such great sacrifices for this great country. Enjoy the day. God bless!

countrygirl10353 said...

Thank You!!!! You really are a HERO. Terry Clees's Grandma Kathy

countrygirl10353 said...

You truly are a HERO!!!!!!!!!! Thank you
Terry Clees's Grandma Kathy

Rebecca from NJ said...

You don't know me. I'm an American who cares deeply about the soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm so sorry you have had to experience what you have. Your attitude is amazing, truly that of a hero. God bless you and your family!!

I'm one of the Soldier Angels.