Friday, June 13, 2008


Thank you, everyone for all of your prayers and support.

Matt has decided to leave the military. He is elligible for full medical retirement. The process for leaving the army will take some time. Matt has determined that this in not the best time to continue to pursue walking. He is due for a rest! He will continue to live in San Antonio for the time being in an apartment with his friend, James Orlowski.

Matt's one year anniversary was this past week. Many of his family joined him in Texas to celebrate his life. His sister, Windy, and her family were able to be with Matt for the first time since before he went to Iraq. All of us were with him in spirit if not in person.
Meeting Kolby, Windy's son. At the coast near Corpus Christi
The gang at the beach house in CC
Matt demonstrating his new wheels.
This is the iBot chair...look it up on the internet. It is amazing!