Saturday, June 30, 2007

There may not be as many postings in the next two weeks, but we will resume regular updates in a week or two. Matt has some exciting things to look forward to, and we will be delighted to share his progress with you all. Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement of Matt. You may continue to leave him messages during the next two weeks, and they will get to him! He has really enjoyed hearing from you all.
By the way, this website has been put together entirely by Matt's family and friends. He hasn't yet even seen it, so the comment "It's just a flesh wound." was a joke from Monty Python that I thought he would appreciate. It wasn't his own comment. He is receiving a printed copy of the messages you all are leaving for him in the postal mail. Eventually he will be able to get onto the site and you will hear from him directly.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

"It's just a flesh wound!"

With twenty-four stitches Matt's surgeons have beautifully closed this wound. This was Matt's first look at his residual arm and lesson in cleaning and dressing the wound. Looking great, brother!
Matt is on IV antibiotics, and at the end of this treatment, and when he has learned to care for his wounds by himself, he will be looking at being discharged! After his inpatient stay at Brooke Army Medical Center Matt will have rehab in the Center for the Intrepid (check the links on the side bar).

For a close-up picture of the wounds on Matt's hand, click this link:

For a picture of the Humvee that was struck by the explosive, click this link:

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Uncle Matt"

Matt's newest nephew, Kolby Curtis Stevenson born June 26, 2007.

Matt became an uncle again yesterday afternoon! Congratulations to new parents Windy (Matt Lammers' sister) and Matt Stevenson on the arrival of their first born, a son, named Kolby Curtis Stevenson. Kolby weighed 8 lbs and 9 oz. and is healthy and beautiful!

(Left) A visit from Colonel Phelps.
(Right) Breakfast with some loving support from Tessa.

Good to see the smiles, Matt!

(Left)Uncle Mike (in gray shirt-this is Dad's Brother) and Aunt Theresa visit Matt.
(Right) Mom, Dad, and Tessa with Matt.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sweet Success!

Matt's final wound was closed this afternoon with a skin graft. Congratulations, Matt! As long as there continues to be no infection, he will have no more surgeries! The next steps are physical therapy and fitting for prosthetics. Matt will continue to need our support and prayers, as this will be a long road. But, he is off to an great start.
More pictures of Matt and his family will follow in the next few days, so stop on back soon to see his healing and progress.

On The River

Matt with his brother-in-law, David (fishing)

Shore lunch. (From left to right: Windy, Jessica, David, Barbara, Matt, Stacy, Michael)

Summer vacations were always at “the river” growing up. Mom and Dad passed on their love of camping and canoeing the Niangua River to all of us, but none of us ever handled a canoe as well as Matt. He learned from a young age to take the stern of a canoe, and by the time he reached early adulthood, the front of his canoe was the best spot to be if you wanted to pull in a bass or a trout. He patiently and skillfully put his angler guest in the best fishing holes. A snag was merely an interesting challenge to him, giving him the opportunity to skillfully maneuver the boat through fallen trees and rocks to get to the right spot to retrieve the snagged lure. He did it with such grace.

While Matt has been home on his brief R&R’s over the past few years, he has often made trips to the river. I have a memory etched in my mind from last September –what I believe was the last time he and Tessa were in a canoe. When I first heard of Matt’s injuries I thought he would never have the opportunity for another float trip again. But, just days after the explosion, we began learning about the incredible advancements that have
been made in medical technology for amputees. Our hopes have been soaring as we have begun to see possibilities for Matt to continue to enjoy the things he loves to do.

During these difficult days over the past few weeks I have often thought about seeing Matt the first time he gets back into a canoe. I don’t want to miss it. With the help of many generous family and friends we hope to help him purchase the specialized prosthetics and equipment which he will need to some day float the river again. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to the SGT Matt Lammers Medical Fund, which will make this possible!

Be sure to check out the new links in the sidebar to the right for websites for active amputees!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Meet the Family!

Matt and Tessa and their two beautiful little girls: Taena (age 5) and Jaelen (age 1)

Tessa has been with Matt in San Antonio for a week and their girls have been staying with family. Please be praying for these little girls who will get to see their daddy this weekend for the first time since February!

Surgery Again Tomorrow

Matt is feeling better after his break from surgeries. He has gotten the word that he is scheduled for surgery again tomorrow. They will attempt to close his final wound. Thank you all for your continued support and notes you are leaving on this site for Matt. We will post tomorrow as we have news.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

No Surgery Today

Matt is better rested today and looking forward to a visit with a fellow soldier. He is thankful that he was not scheduled for surgery today, allowing him some time to rest and recover. We do not have a definite plan yet for this next surgery, but believe it may be Monday.

Matt is enjoying the cards that friends and family have sent, and the photos of his family on posters in his room. Thank you to all who have sent encouragement in the mail and posted messages to him on this site. The hospital rooms do not have internet hook-ups, but the messages are being printed out and mailed to him for now.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Matt asks for more prayer...

Today when I spoke with Matt, he specifically asked for prayer to help him manage the pain. He has had a difficult day. The doctors cannot increase the pain meds anymore due to the risk that it could lower his heart rate. Pray for endurance through the pain and rest.

Tomorrow is another surgery day, so updates will come as we have them.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday's Surgery Report

Matt's surgery went very well this afternoon. There continues to be no signs of infection and his arm looks good. The doctors were able to close his right leg today! The left leg remains open and they are hoping to take him back into surgery on Saturday. As of today, there is not enough skin to close this left leg, so they are planning to attempt a procedure on Saturday to reduce the size of the muscle mass enough to close it with the available skin. If there is still not enough skin, they will take some from his thigh. They are also hopeful that this procedure of reducing the muscle mass would make fitting a prosthesis easier in the future. Thank you for continuing to pray for this hero.

Surgery Day

Today Matt is scheduled for surgery. He is second on the docket, so we expect him to be going in at about 9:30. Thanks be to God that Matt's fever went down yesterday! More updates will come today as we have news.

**Matt went in for surgery at about 1:00pm. When we hear more, we will update again!**

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday's Surgery Report

Matt's surgery went well this morning. The doctor was able to do some reconstruction of his arm and close the wound. There are still no signs of infection, however, Matt is running a high fever so the surgeon decided not to attemt to close the wounds on his other limbs.
Matt is scheduled for surgery again this Thursday, June 21. Please join us in praying that our Lord will keep him free from infection and that his temperature would return to normal. Please pray that Matt's attitude would continue to be uplifting to those around him. Please pray with us also that he would be able to go into surgery early in the day on Thursday and that they would be able to close the other two wounds.

By the way, the story which usually is posted here can now be accessed through a link on the side bar. The information on the Medical Fund is also in a link on the sidebar. From now on the new postings will appear first in this blog (as they should!)
Thank you.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Matt's Progress

Rumor has it that Matt did one weeks worth of physical therapy in one day today- he sat up by himself! Way to go Matt! Please check out the new link in the sidebar under Matt's address and join us in a fun surprise.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday's Surgery Report

Matt's surgery went very well this morning. In answer to the prayers of many, the orthopedic surgeon reported that Matt shows no signs of infection. He also has pleanty of bone and muscle mass left on his arm and left leg for prosthetics. He has less bone on the right leg, and yet the doctor is still hopeful that Matt will be able to use a prosthetic for that leg as well. Matt had a difficult day recovering from the surgery, but tonight is feeling somewhat better. Matt is still in ICU, but hopefully will be able to be moved to a regular room soon.

Prayer Requests:

Please be praying for Matt's next surgery which is schedueled for this Tuesday, June 19. The doctor is hoping to close his wounds. This will be a major surgery. The doctor is hopeful that there will be enough skin to close the wounds, but this is something specific we ask you to be praying for.


Back On American Soil!

Matt arrived at the Brooke Army Medical Center yesterday evening in San Antonio. His wife, Tessa, attended him through the night as he struggled with pain. This morning he has gone into surgery for wound cleaning and assessment.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Matt's Homecoming

Matt’s bags have been packed and he is scheduled to make the flight back to the United States on Friday. He will be flown in a medical-airplane that has beds and operates just like a hospital, but with wings! His wife and parents are being flown to San Antonio courtesy the Army to meet him. Please be praying for safe travel for all.

To leave Matt a message, click on the link below that shows how many comments have been made. You will be able to view all the messages and leave one of your own. Thank you!