Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Photos

I have posted new photos of Matt's legs as they are healing. To view these photos you can click on to get to SGT. Matt Lammers, Photo Page .
Unfortunately, Matt was not able to get to New York to see his friend. Hopefully, John Blakesley will be able to get to Texas to see Matt.
Matt is back into regular therapies and has gotten a replacement leg for the one which he broke while visiting KC. He has not yet gotten his full legs. Soon, very soon...


Ann L. said...

Hi Matt,

Glad to hear you're back in regular therapy and working hard, once again. Hope to see your new legs, soon. Think about you everyday. Love and miss you.

quAunt Annie:)

Aunt Marta said...

Healing looks really great, Matt. Keep up the therapy and get those limbs going. I continue to be amazed and proud!

Anonymous said...

Wow! The legs look so much better than the last time we saw them! Fantastic! Sorry you missed your trip to see your buddy in NY.
Hope you get the full legs soon; we know you'll be up & around on them in record time.
Bob & Becky

Anonymous said...

What an awesome young man you are.
Your strength and preserverence
humble me. The brightness in you smile and the deep glow in your eyes reveal your true innner strength. As a Marine Col.'s daughter with sons of my own in the service, I send you my hope and prayers for the future and know this is just one small side trip during a magnificent adventure called your life. Stand tall, son, know you are blessed and loved by many.

Kindest regards and respect.

Mrs. Casey Horton-Paulk