Saturday, February 16, 2008

A bit of news...

Matt hopes to participate in an arm bike race to Corpus Christy (fifty miles?!) in March!!!! He is swimming every day; does 6-8 laps to warm up; is able to dive to the bottom to retreive objects. He tried surfing on the wave machine which was cool, but made him very sore.
Matt has passed the base driving test, but hasn't yet taken the DMV test. He gave back his crutch this week and has been walking without one, using the stubbies. He is expecting his C-legs in the next few weeks and has a friend who is going to take him to buy his first pair of shoes, so we are all still eagerly waiting.
June 10 will be one year after his injuries and Matt said he thinks he'd like to have people around.


Lori Vander Molen said...

Wow! You amaze me, Matt. I have been following your website from the beginning and thank you and your family for allowing us to share in your life. My son, Cory, is still in Iraq and will hopefully be home soon. Words cannot express my emotions as I read your updates. It is so obvious you are God's loving servant. God does not give us overcoming life--He gives us life as we overcome. I continue to pray for you and your family.

Lori Vander Molen
Omaha, NE

Anonymous said...

Matt - Hang in there, man. I'm certain that every day is hard. Just keep fighting and eventually tomorrow will be easier than today. Peace.

aunt marta said...

Great news, Matt! I would love to talk to you and catch up on your adventures. Did I see your friend Terry (The one I gave a ride several times) on the TV show about the Kansas Vet they rebuilt a house for? The part filmed at CFI made me look for you!
Send your Mom some pictures to post!! love and many prayers always!

Ann L. said...

You continue to inspire and amaze us all. We love you.

Aunt Annie :)

Tate said...

Matt, after meeting and riding with you Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for over 70 miles you are my new hero. Get a hold of me, I have a halo head band for you. Take a look at all the photos from your, and the rest of the wounded warriors great 3 days. I hope we can keep you on a bike.

Paul "tate" Hakes