Saturday, March 22, 2008

The First Photo Speaks for Itself!

Matt thoroughly enjoyed his first bike ride since he was injured. He actually rode almost 80 miles over three days. He hopes to enter more rides in the future.

Here are some links to sites that have lots more information and links to video and photos of the ride:

Matt also has some other great events coming up. In April his unit will be returning from Iraq. Matt, Angel and Terry, Jr. all plan to meet the troops when they return to Fort Riley. It will be the first time since their injuries that all three of these guys will be together as well as be with their unit.
In May, Matt will be receiving an award for Senator Bob Dole at the University of Kansas in honor of the anniversary of the special education department. Senator Dole will not be able to attend and has asked Matt to be there for him. Matt said he would be honored to do so.


peace said...

Hi Matt (and his family),
My name is Lari Aycock and I was on the Soldier Ride with you for the three days. I decided to go because I love to bike and I wanted to honor our soldiers. I had no idea what I was really in for. I am amazed at your strength (and Keven's, Joe Dirt's, Adrian's, and the other fellows whose names escape me now)....not just the bulging muscles working overtime (I've told some stories to the gym rats around here about and they are jealous!) but the strength of spirit and committment. It goes from your service to the country to your reaction to your injuries and your rehab. I realize that for each of you "hero" is a term that doesn't feel right. What I heard most of you say, "I was just doing my job". Well, actually, to me, that's when the "hero" part started. Somedays my job isn't all that fun, but it doesn't put me in the position of willingly walking into enemy territory, running to warfare and fighting for freedom (ours and someone else's whom we don't even know). I am grateful for the time to have ridden with you all, and hope to see you on the road again somewhere. Thank you for your service and for the reminder that spirit has nothing to do with our bodies and all to do with heart.

amy said...

I am encouraged by the smiles in the pictures.