Monday, August 13, 2007

Spotlight on Tessa

Matt's Faithful Wife

One of the first things I learned and admired about Tessa when I first met her was that she is a faithful, self-sacrificing care-taker. Before she and Matt were married, I was amazed when I saw her love for family members and her willingness to put them before herself when they were sick or needed care.
When she and Matt were first married, I saw Tessa leave her family, whom she loves so deeply, in order to fully love her husband and care for him. She was willing to move from her home-town, where all of her family lives, to follow Matt as he was stationed in different bases throughout the US. She often stayed on base, far from family, taking care of their home even during long deployments. She has worked to make a home for her family no matter where she has been (even in a hospital room- the nurses agreed that it was the best decorated room they have ever seen!).
Tessa has been diligently caring for their daughters through Matt’s basic training and three deployments. Because of Matt’s service to our great country, Tessa has been the primary care-taker for much of their girl’s lives. Yet now, she has been away from them for nearly two months as she has lovingly put her husband before them and stayed by his side. I cannot imagine how much she misses her little girls and how she longs for them. Every day is a great sacrifice as she lovingly cares for Matt with her girls so far away.
When I had the opportunity to visit with Matt and Tessa in Texas a few weeks ago, I got to see first hand Tessa’s incredible patience and love for Matt. She seemed to know just what to say to lift him when he needed it most. Many people have commented that they are amazed at Matt’s incredibly positive attitude. He has no doubt had a fantastic view from the very beginning of this. But, I think that his wife, Tessa, is in large part the “wind beneath his wings”.
While deployed in Iraq, when Matt struggled with the realities of war and the real danger he was in, Tessa was so strong, always saying “You’re not gonna’ die!” in a very casual and convincing way. Even now, she seems unmoved by the injuries that Matt has endured, saying, “I wasn’t attached to his arm and legs!” She continually reassures him of her love and adoration for him. She has been by his side from the moment he arrived in Texas, and seems so at ease with him, quietly caring for him just the way he needs.
Tessa has done an outstanding job of caring for her husband. Yet, I think she probably just sees it as the simple things she does. It comes so naturally to her. But, today, I want to thank her, and commend her on a job very well done. She is a wonderful, loving mom, and the perfect support and life companion for Matt.

Thank you, Tessa.



Kim H. said...

Wow...I am so honored to be able to read this wonderful website for such a great Hero...a friend of mine had given me the link a few weeks ago when she and I were talking about her son in Iraq. The 'link' between my friend and me and our link with Matt...we are Korean adoptees. I am planning a visit to the Fisher House in October, not sure if Matt will still be there(I know he would like to go HOME)but would be an honor to meet him and share our bond. If Matt and his wife would like my contact info, please let me know. I have three children, two bio children and youngest adopted from Korea.
My Best to Matt and his family, thank you for sharing his story with all of us.

Lori VM said...

I have had the privilege of following your website after being informed of it by a contact at Ft. Riley. I have been moved to tears as I have read many of the posts. I am touched by the deep, unconditional love between Tessa and Matt. I am the friend that told Kim H. about Matt's website. We met on the Motherland Tour to Korea.

Reading about Matt and his journey has been so inspirational and has given me hope for my own son to return home alive from Iraq. My faith rests in the One above.

Thank you so much for openly sharing with us. You are all a blessing and wonderful example of God's love.


Anonymous said...

You wrote a perfect tribute to Tessa! I too witnessed the love & understanding between Matt & Tessa during my brief visit to see them last month.

Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute to Tessa. An unsung heroine for sure.

I hope you can all be united soon. Little girls grow so much in a short time.

Jeanne Kobler

Ann L. said...

Thank you, Jessica, for saying so beautifully what all of us know to be true. I know Matt is forever grateful for the care, love and understanding that Tessa gives to him everyday. We hope and pray for the girls that they will be reunited with their mommy and daddy soon. The sacrifices that your whole family are making daily are great, but the rewards are even greater. We love you lots.

Love, Annie:) and Greg

marta said...

I too add my thanks, Tessa! You are an amazing woman and you and Matt make a terrific team these days. Please know that I am more than willing to be of help if and when you need me and that in the meantime my prayers for you and your family are continuous.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, what a lovely tribute, and Tessa, you are a real trouper and such a wonderful wife to Matt - thank you so much for taking such great care of him! We wish you and your family all the best and are glad that you will all be together very soon!
Ann M.