Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a Beautiful Tribute!

So many people to thank...The response to the benefit barbeque was phenomenal! More than a thousand people were served. Holy Trinity Parish you are the best!

It looked like everyone had a great time.
Our family is certainly blessed.
Thank you, Mary, Roger, Joanne, Stan, Chris , Kamal, Fr. Tom and everyone else who helped in big ways and small.


Anonymous said...

I'm one of Matt's aunts, and I was not able to attend this wonderful celebration for him. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and support! You are the best!

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
I just want to say how much you and all the others who are serving our great country are loved and missed. My husband and I are sending you positive thoughts and prayers. Take care and know your Guardian Angel is always with you. Hang in there and laugh, it's great medicine.
Monica and Chet

marta said...

I am another of Matt's aunts, Barbara's Wisconsin sister. I truly thank you all for the support for Matt and to Barb and Gary. I know it has made this road easier for them all. If I lived in your area, I know you would be the parish of my choice!

ferdsmom said...

Matt and Tessa,
Our family could not have been more proud to be at your benefit! After we left, we talked about how we are blessed to have such a strong family at HTS~and we can't even name one family not in attendance! We absolutely saw everyone there! In retrospect, there were more people to support your family than at our annual Holy Trinity Parish Weekend! There were no parking spaces! Your parents were beaming! Thank you so much for being such a gracious receiver. We are so happy to be a part of helping!