Sunday, December 14, 2008

Moving Forward

The Wounded Warriors were greeted at the airport in Orlando by a huge supportive crowd of well wishers!

Matt is now SSG Matt Lammers (Retired)! As of the end of October Matt has returned to civilian life. He returned to Olathe to live until he is able to resume rehabilitation in Oklahoma. Matt recently was awarded a trip to Orlando from the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes which included his parents and his two daughters . We all attended the Road to Recovery Conference and met up with many old friends and made some new ones. Matt has accepted a position with the Coalition and American Airlines which will allow him to continue his own quest to walk again and give him a chance to begin to give back to all of those who have supported him and his fellow wounded warriors. Matt and his daughters were taped for a Sesame Street segment focusing on the families of wounded soldiers which should be aired this spring.
On the "beach" at the conference.
Sesame Street set


Anonymous said...

Matt, It is so good to see the progress you have made, the new goals you've set, and the continued support from friends and family. It makes me so proud to be able to witness your inner strength and goodness. Good luck with this next phase of your life and know that your loving family is always here for you. Can't wait to see you and your girls on Sesame Street!

Love, Aunt Annie :)

Anonymous said...

Matt, You are an inspiration to many and I am so glad to see you moving forward with new goals! As part of your loving family I reiterate what Annie said about always being here for you. Love you lots, aunt marta

amy said...

WOW! I'm thankful for, even though I've never met Matt, the opportunity that Matt has to keep working on his goal of walking again. And we love Sesame Street!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt!
It's your old friend Alex, from Florida! I have no idea if you will even get this post. But if you do, I wanted to tell you how proud of you I am for keeping up that positive spirit that I had always admired, even in the face of extreme adversity. If you want to get in touch, just comment back and I can send you my email address. Your family looks lovely! What beautiful girls. My family sends their best.
Really hope to hear from you-