Monday, September 15, 2008


Matt is due to be discharged from the army on October 29! He will be moving back home to be near his family! It has been a long time coming. Welcome home, Matt! We will surround you with our love.


Anonymous said...

Thank you to Matt and the whole family for all the courage and strength shown through this year. May your reunion and life from now on be full of joy and love. See you soon! Love, aunt marta

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Matt. Can't wait to see you. This is, indeed, a long time coming. You are so deserving of some peace and happiness, and I hope being surrounded by those that love you, will bring some to you.
Love, Aunt Annie :)

Anonymous said...

I spoke to your Mom & Dad tonight & I hear that you spent the weekend at the races and that you got to go into the pit area. How much fun! Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Matt. We are a family from Holy Trinity who have followed your progress via this website. God bless you and your family. May you and your loved ones be filled with joy, peace and the comfort of being together again!
Kurt, Mary, Mary Kate Doyle

Kathy Guy said...

I pray your coming home brings you comfort. I am Terry Clees' aunt Kathy and I have been following your progress since the beginning. My prayers have always been with you and will continue. May you and your family find peace, joy and happiness during these holidays and throughout the rest of your journey through this life. Love Kathy Guy