Monday, April 6, 2009

Coming Home---Sesame Street

Here is a link to the YouTube copy of the Sesame Steet show called Coming Home featuring injured soldiers and their families. Matt and his girls were taped in December in Florida. They were not able to go to NY to be with the muppets.


Debra Sparks said...

Oh, wow! You both did such a good job! Thanks for doing that Matt.

(MAJ Kinsey's wife)

Anonymous said...

My nephew Terry Clees was injured in the same vehicle as you, Matt. Even with this event so close to me, those of us not living with this in our own home sometimes forget the courageous battle you guys are still going through. Your daughter(s) are beautiful! In a perfect world or a 'I druther...' world we all would prefer to be a 'whole' parent. But in my opinion you guys have gone WAY BEYOND 'whole' I can see and hear your beauty and strength. Although I know its tough, what a gift you give your daughters. My prayers with you, Matt. Auntkathyguy (1 word)

JohnC said...

Me and Matt were in the Army in Korea together. He contacted me on and when I replied he never logged back on. If anyone could pass my contact information to him I will be very thankful.

Name: John Craft