Sunday, July 8, 2007

Matt's lower limbs

Matt has seen his lower limbs unwrapped now (which I assume means he is also learning to clean them himself!). When Mom sent me the pictures of his wounds on his lower limbs, the realities of the war became clearer to me. The wounds aren't clean like is arm, and it is very evident that it is extremely painful. The sight of them leaves me very sober. I have attached a link below for those who wish to view the photos.



marta said...

Pretty fine surgical work from my point of view! Nice work, doctors! Thanks for you care, skill and work.

Robert Kobler said...

Hi Soldier,

I just viewed your lower limbs, and I see power there, and I know that you will discover it.

Warmest Regards,


RENA said...

Matt & Tessa
Just want u 2 know that people down here r continuing 2 pray for all of you. Keep working HARD MATT!