Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday, July 16

Matt came through the surgical procedure yesterday in good shape. In fact he is off to PT already today! The news from the surgery yesterday was mixed. The doctors did not find any pocket of fluid or infection, however, they did find some dead tissue. Some of that tissue was removed but not all. At this time rather than risk the introduction of more infection by opening and surgically cleaning out the wound, they will wait and monitor his leg carefully. We are hoping that the wound will heal itself without further intervention. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated.



marta said...

Go, Matt! Keep the positive healing vibes going! Glad to hear you are not missing PT! Hi to Tessa and your parents.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong Matt! It sounds like you have the heart of a lion. God will carry you through the tough days and be with you laughing on the fun ones! He is ALWAYS with you!

God Bless you Matt!!

Todd & Todd McCarthy
(HTS Family)

Anonymous said...

Matt and Tessa,
Great news! Glad this didn't slow you down, Matt. We love you both and I look forward to visiting with you this weekend. We all will be continuing to pray for you in the mean time.

Jessica (and Dave, Jake, Laura, Noel, and Mark)

Anonymous said...

Keeping all of you in my heart & mind.

Ann L. said...


You have the power to heal! Your amazing, and positive, attitude - along with the support from your family and friends, will get you through every hurdle. I know you are working hard everyday and I continue to keep you in my prayers.

Love, Annie :)

Robert said...

You are a true inspiration to me, I have been following your progress daily and I can't believe your strength. We love you and can't wait to see you. Stay strong!! Tell everyone Hi!

Shawnna Osborne said...


I am glad that you are progressing the way that you are. I check your site regularly to see how you are doing. I tell Jeremy about the progress you are making when I talk to him. I know that he definitely wants to come see you when he comes home for R&R at the end of October. I am living in Texas now with my mom, if there is anything that you or Tessa need, don't hesitate to ask. I will help out in anyway that I can. Congratulations on your upcoming promotion. Take Care and know that we are thinking of and praying for you daily.

Shawnna Osborne

Anonymous said...

Matt and Family:
Our prayers continue to be sent to all of you. Rosary on Thursday eve at the old Chapel have become a good habit and we pray for you and world peace.
God love you, bless you and your entire family, Keep the Faith.
Robert, Linda, R.K. and Charlotte Gamache

Anonymous said...

Dear SSGT. Matt,

Congratulations on your promotion.
I hope you are enjoying seeing your web site and reading the messages there.
Since I won't be sending them anymore, I will be sending the jokes to you this way.

Here today's:

A young guy who's never picked up a golf club decides to take lessons. The pro shows him the basics, then says, "Okay, now try to hit the ball toward the flag on the first green."
The novice tees off and drives the ball 300 yards. It lands on the green, just inches from the hole. "Now what?" he says.

"Uh," stammers the pro, "you're supposed to hit the ball into the cup."

The beginner says, "Now you tell me."

We're prying for your healing.

Jeanne Kobler

Kate said...

Hi Matt. Guess who came to see me yesterday? Justin P. I was so happy to see him. Justin thinks the world of you, and now I know why. I know it's hard, Matt, but please keep trying, keep working. You are progressing nicely. Keep up the good work. Lots of people counting on you. I'm rooting for you, Matt and praying for you every day.

Chuck said...

Go Matt!! Keep up the great mental attitude. The Mind is so powerful. We pray for you every day.

chuck and diane jansen

marta said...

Thinking of you, Matt. I'm leaving on a trip to Alaska tomorrow so I may not have computer access so I wanted to tell you to keep up the good work and keep healing. Lots of love and prayers going your way. marta

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt,
Hope you can smile.

A man drowned in a tub of milk with a banana in his ear. Authorities suspect a cereal killer.

A toilet was stolen from the precinct. Police have nothing to go on.

Someone broke a hole in the nudist colony's fence. Cops are looking into it.

Jeanne Kobler

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


A joke for today.
John tells his shrink, "Last night I dreamed you were my mother."
"How do you feel about it," says the psychiatrist.
"I haven't had time to think about it," says John. "I overslept this morning. Then I remembered I had an appointment with you, so I gobbled down a Coike and a cookie and came straight here."
"A coke and a cookie?"{ the doc replies. "You call that breakfast?"

I"M praying that you are healing well and that you therapy is progressing well.

Jeanne Kobler