Friday, July 6, 2007

A Time to Express Our Gratitude

Matt and all of his family would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. This Independence Day has taken on a new and deeper meaning for many of us as we have witnessed the kind of sacrifice that so many are making on our behalf. The community support with which we have been surrounded has sustained us and humbled us. We indeed are so lucky to live in such a very special place. While Matt is still not able to personally thank you, he wishes to express his gratitude for the donations made to his medical fund. Because of your generosity, his future is looking brighter.

Tessa was in the process of reading aloud the cards which Matt received for the 4th of July and had only gotten through about half of them by last night! He was given boxes full--we have not taken the time to count all of them! Thank you for each card sent. It was quite a dramatic and fun gesture of support. Your cards and messages continue to brightened Matt's days.

Barbara Lammers (Matt's Mom)

The Army has provided Matt with a customized power wheelchair and in it he won the challenge to go visit PFC Angel Gomez first. PFC Gomez was injured in the blast with Matt and had hoped to be the one to "get his wheels first" so he could go to Matt's room. The meeting was quite emotional but was very helpful to both. We look forward to hearing about PFC Gomez's first visit to Matt's room!

Barbara Lammers


marta said...

Keep it up, Matt and Tessa! Win all those challenges and keep on going. I am so proud of you both. My church took part in the card surprise and I could not believe the long lines of people waiting to sign the cards! We do know how much your bravery means to all of us. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Matt received all those cards! Can hardly wait to see them.

Ann L. said...

Hey, Matt

My spirits are lifted so much every time I get on this web site. The overwhelming amount of support and good wishes you receive every day is, indeed, humbling and gratifying. Thank you to each and everyone of you. And, Matt, we are so proud of your continued perseverance and hard work. Our love to you and Tessa and the rest of your family.

Love, Annie :) and Greg

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt and Family,

I just wanted to say that we are thinking of you. We are very happy that you are doing so well. Keep going and we hope to see you in the future. Your house or ours.

Love the Hackers

Kate said...

Hi Matt: I am a friend of Justin Pul's mom. Justin is the one who told me about you. He loves you like a brother. Just want you to know you are my inspiration... I can't say that enough. Your courage and optimism humbles me. May God bless you, Matt... Kate
P.S. By the way Justin is coming home on R&R and a bunch of us old ladies in Plantation, FL are going to take him out to dinner. wife is gorgeous and your kids... oh, my, they are beautiful!!