Saturday, July 14, 2007

Update 7/14/07

Matt has made lots of progress in the past week. He had his first physical therapy session at the Center for the Intrepid. With hard work and determination he mastered transferring himself into his power chair and even managed to transfer to a toilet with a little advice from his physical therapist! While at the rehabilitation center, Matt met with a fellow soldier, Chad, who showed Matt his prosthetic legs and demonstrated walking for him.

Matt also expects to have the sutures removed from his arm very soon.

PFC Gomez made it to visit Matt in his room! Among other things, they practiced target shooting with a Nerf gun. Matt shared his pictures of the Hum-Vee with Gomez and related what he could remember of the explosion. PFC Gomez recalled mostly only smoke and ringing ears. PFC Gomez is continuing to make progress and is expecting to be transferred to the 4th floor orthopedic wing soon.

Matt is hoping to be able to take part in a research project through the Chicago Rehabilitation Institute called the Targeted Reinnervation for Improved Myoelectric Prosthesis Function at Brooke Army Medical Center. He will undergo further evaluations at the end of August to determine his eligibility. If selected, he will undergo a surgical procedure that will transplant nerves in his arm and then be fitted with the newest of prosthetic arms which function in a more natural fashion. Good luck, Matt! For more information on this project, be sure to check out the link in the sidebar "Revolutionary limb development".

Last, but not least, Matt has earned a promotion! As of September 1st he will be Staff Sergeant Lammers.

Congratulations, SSG Lammers!



marta said...

Way to go, Matt! I continue to be jealous of your PT because you are making him look good!!! Keep up the hard work and we'll keep up the prayers for all the very best in your recovery. love and prayers, marta

Anonymous said...

Matt, I am so happy for you, you have come a long way. I continue to tell Sgt Savant (Lyle) of your success and he is so happy for you. Also, Congrats on making 6, you deserve it and more. But, I have a question, before you make 7, can you wait for him?? Just kidding, make that rank. I will continue to keep you in our prayers. Take Care
Lindsey Savant aka..Sgt Savant's wife.

Ann M. said...

Congratulations on your promotion, Matt! I hope that your surgery went well today. It sounds like you are progressing very rapidly in PT - that's fantastic!

Aunt Ann M.

Cousin Jane B. said...

Congratulations on your promotion and way to go on your PT progress! You're an amazing man and continue to make us proud!