Thursday, June 28, 2007

"It's just a flesh wound!"

With twenty-four stitches Matt's surgeons have beautifully closed this wound. This was Matt's first look at his residual arm and lesson in cleaning and dressing the wound. Looking great, brother!
Matt is on IV antibiotics, and at the end of this treatment, and when he has learned to care for his wounds by himself, he will be looking at being discharged! After his inpatient stay at Brooke Army Medical Center Matt will have rehab in the Center for the Intrepid (check the links on the side bar).

For a close-up picture of the wounds on Matt's hand, click this link:

For a picture of the Humvee that was struck by the explosive, click this link:


Anonymous said...

Looks great, Matt! Hope the healing process continues to go smoothly!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're healing well!

Are you into Monty Python, Matt ("It's just a flesh wound!")?

Ann M.

Anonymous said...

(Ann- I don't know if Matt is into Monty Python, but the humor seemed to fit, don't you think?

marta said...

Matt, all looks great to me! Keep on working to get it all learned and get to Intrepid where the fun will begin! You will do great in rehab.

Ann L. said...

Matt, you have some skillful doctors and two angels on your shoulders! Heal well, and then, work hard.

Love, Annie :)

mark.ang said...

Nice looking 'baseball' stitch, Matt!

(African or European...?)


marta said...

Looks like a haircut and shave took place, huh?

Christine Danforth said...

Hi again, Matt -- I like your attitude ("Just a flesh wound," indeed). I'm so very glad your surgeries went well. I hope the pain is lessening. It's amazing to think you'll soon be discharged and rehab will begin. You're still in my thoughts. -- Chris Danforth (your Uncle Nick and Aunt Ginny's friend in Seattle)

Anonymous said...

(I thought it was perfect, Miss Jess! ATM)

Claudia said...

As a sister, mother and military brat, all I can say is thank you to you for your service, and thank you to your family for the support you give each other.

You are all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You are my personal hero and will be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...


You are looking great and your sense of humor (flesh wound) is a testament to your strength.

I would like to offer my prayers along with those from the HTS community. May God continue to grant you the strength and dignity to prevail. Your beautiful daughters need you.

Sue Trompeter
Former HTS teacher

Kris Abbruzzi said...

Hi Matt & Family,

My name is Kris Abbruzzi and I'm a Soldier's Angel from Rhode Island. I wanted to let you know Matt that you will be in my thoughts and my prayers each and every day. I also wanted to say THANK YOU so very much, from the bottom of my heart, for everything that you have done and sacrificed for me, my family, this great country and the precious Freedom it affords us because of courageous brave heroes like yourself. Thank you. All of my admiration, respect and gratitude to you, Matt. I'll be keeping up with updates and will be praying for you and your recovery each and every day. Respectfully yours,

Kris Abbruzzi, Riverside RI

Anonymous said...


You are an amazing young man. I really appreciate your service to our country. You are a hero. I have shared your website with many, and all are inspired by you.
I pray for you and your wife and daughters, and will continue to do so as you begin rehab.

Catherine Clees
(step-mom of Pvt. Terry Clees Jr)

priscilla & tom said...

Matt.It was great talking to you on sunday.Keep the positive attitude.We are always here for you

SS said...

Hi Matt:
I work with your brother-in-law and wanted to say what a great guy he is! We are blessed to have him.
Now on to you speaking of blessed!
Matt you have blessed us in a way that you can never imagine. To see your strength your humor and how well you are handling your injuries speak volumes regarding your integrity, your love of country, and family. Most of us would not have the fortutide you have. Please except from the bottom of my heart a warm hug, and a thank you to a soldier who did his job and whole lot more. You are a hero in mind and in spirit. God Bless you and your family Matt.
You are an inspiration to sooooo many!


Anonymous said...