Friday, June 22, 2007

Matt asks for more prayer...

Today when I spoke with Matt, he specifically asked for prayer to help him manage the pain. He has had a difficult day. The doctors cannot increase the pain meds anymore due to the risk that it could lower his heart rate. Pray for endurance through the pain and rest.

Tomorrow is another surgery day, so updates will come as we have them.


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt and Tessa,

I've found you! Had friends near Walter Reed in case you showed up there...glad you are at the new facility! I'll see if I have anyone on my list who's near there, just in case.

Please know that we are praying for you both and stand ready to do whatever needs done. Drop me a line at

Debra Sparks
(MAJ Kinsey's wife)

P.S. Love to your folks, and the kids, too.

marta said...

Hang in there,Matt. We know you can deal with this as you have shown so much courage already! Lots of prayers going for you!

Alicia said...


I had the honor of meeting you and your parents today while a group of us visited BAMC from Fort Hood. I was with COL Phelps and LTG (Ret.) Don Jones.

You are a blessing to your family and to this country and I can't thank you enough for your service. Thank you for letting us visit you today; I hope to see you again on my next visit and I wish you only the best.

You are lifted up in prayer for comfort and continued healing. Your courage and strong spirit are truly inspirational.

All my best to you and your family,

Alicia Winegar

Todd said...

Answer me when I call to you, my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; have mercy on me and hear my prayer. - Psalm 4:1.

Hang in there Matt! God is with you and your family each and every moment! He is an AWESOME GOD and he loves you so very much!! We continue to pray for you!!

God Bless!!

Todd & Todd McCarthy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us all know what we can specifically can pray for. Matt and family remain in my prayers.


Mariano1980 said...

Matt Lammers, my friend, I haven't forgotten about you. If you remember a Matt Torres, he told me about your injuries. I am deeply sorry and I hope you a peaceful recovery. I don't have much to say for myself. I am happy to have finally reached you though. I remember a lot that we did together back in the day man. I'll keep you in my prayers my friend. Please tell your folks and sisters I said hello. Thank you for serving this country my Asian brother.

Mariano M. Deocampo
(Filipino-adopted guy who skated, fished and hung out with you)

Write me when you get the chance man.. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a challenging time - to say the least - and I hope you find inspiration in others who've had similar experiences and pulled through. You've got your brain, mobility and good looks to carry you forward. Please remind yourself of this fact. You were incredibly brave to enlist, deploy and serve your country. You're twice the man I'll ever be. Godspeed, brother.

Sam Capriatti

Shelly said...

Matt and Tessa,

I'm here in San Antonio and I'll be down to see you guys in the morning.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Shelly Snell
(1SG Darrell Snell's wife)

Anonymous said...

Barbara and Gary,

I continue to pray for your strength and courage. Your son is amazing, and that is a reflection on the two of you. I ask that the Holy Spirit continue to watch over you, to keep you strong, and to keep you healthy. God Bless you and your family.

Kelly Heintzelman
St. Louis, Missouri

Anonymous said...

We are sorry to hear that you are having to endure so much pain, but you can beat this too. There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of people (many of whom have never even met you, but care greatly anyway) sending prayers and wishes your way.
We love you!
Bob & Becky

Anonymous said...

Here is more coming your way!!!
Hi, this is Resa...I think we may have met a couple of times.
My cousin David is your brother-in-law. Although, I consider your sis Jessica my cousin too! What a blessing to have such an awesome family!
Matt, you have been in my prayers since I heard the news. Hang in there and I pray for a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

I understand that the Fourth of July is one of your favorite holidays. I enjoy it, too, because my birthday is July 3rd, and my Dad's birthday was July 7th, so we celebrated pretty much all week long!! My family and friends all over the country are praying for you, as well as your Holy Trinity "parish family". I know Our Lord and His Angels are encircling you, your family and all those doctors, nurses, lab techs, everyone and everything involved with your care, treatment, surgeries and recuperation. Thank you SO much for serving this wonderful country of ours.

Love to you and your family,
Pat Heitschmidt, Lenexa, KS

Amy Cohen said...

Matt: You signed up for a job that puts fears in the hearts of many americans. Though they know it has to be done, some people are more of the "Sit back and support" than "get out there and do what you can" kind of people ... Regardless of what type of person each american is, we are all americans. We believe in freedom. And on that note, we believe in the people who fight for it. Thank you for your sacrafice. May God bless you and I will pray for your pain to lessen. Remember though, pain is weakness leaving the body.

Anonymous said...

Matt - All kinds of people are praying for you and your family. I rec'd your info from a college friend. Her daughter --Emily Weeks--went to Presentation with you. Now, I have passed the info on to Air Force families across the nation. God only knows why we have to endure heartache in this world---your one lucky guy--I saw the pictures of your kids, your wife, your family---the LOVE just comes off the pages. Love will help us through our lives. Love one another. Love, Marilyn Leicht--mother of a son in the Air Force Academy