Sunday, June 24, 2007

Meet the Family!

Matt and Tessa and their two beautiful little girls: Taena (age 5) and Jaelen (age 1)

Tessa has been with Matt in San Antonio for a week and their girls have been staying with family. Please be praying for these little girls who will get to see their daddy this weekend for the first time since February!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Matt's spirits will be soaring when he finally gets to see his beautiful daughters again!
Wishing you a wonderful reunion.

Anonymous said...

Mary Beth says
So sorry to hear of your injuries incurred while prou are oudly serving our country protecting the freedom we all take for granted. I'm an ole classmate of your dad's and know all his siblings. My son, Kris W., is now on staff with him at Holy Trinity. He has been keeping me informed as well as the great website. Know that you are on many prayer lists as I have spread the word for their need. You and all your family remain in our thoughts and prayers daily. Keep the faith and determination for all that is ahead and never doubt "HE" will see you through. God Bless. What a beautiful family, saw on web page this morning.

christine said...

Dear Matt and family- I just want you to know how much the HTS family loves you and prays for you. Last weekend, my girls held a lemonade and pop stand for you and earned $67.00 for the family fund. They are so proud of how many kids donated all their allowance. And many of them signed our poster for you. We are all rooting for you and appreciate your work in defending our country. Our letters and pictures are on their way to your Mom, but we wanted to you to know that with the Independence Holiday fast approaching, we are grateful for the brave men and women fighting for us. God Bless you ALL, and Peace.
The Hamele Family,
Scott, Chris, Abby Jo (9), Mary Cate (6)

Pat said...

Hi, I've never used a blog so hope this connects. Tessa, it was great to visit with you Sat and I hope Soldier's Angels computer from Col Riley has been delivered. Please let me know.

What a beautiful family and handsome husband. It will be great to meet you all -- know it is an honor to work for you. Pat K