Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday's Surgery Report

Matt's surgery went very well this morning. In answer to the prayers of many, the orthopedic surgeon reported that Matt shows no signs of infection. He also has pleanty of bone and muscle mass left on his arm and left leg for prosthetics. He has less bone on the right leg, and yet the doctor is still hopeful that Matt will be able to use a prosthetic for that leg as well. Matt had a difficult day recovering from the surgery, but tonight is feeling somewhat better. Matt is still in ICU, but hopefully will be able to be moved to a regular room soon.

Prayer Requests:

Please be praying for Matt's next surgery which is schedueled for this Tuesday, June 19. The doctor is hoping to close his wounds. This will be a major surgery. The doctor is hopeful that there will be enough skin to close the wounds, but this is something specific we ask you to be praying for.



Kathy said...


Our thoughts and prayers are with always. I know you dad. My daughter goes to Holy Trinity School. You have your strenght from your dad and mom, they are wonderful people. Please stay strong and we think of you often. My daughter would like send hugs to you too. We thank you for the support that you have given our country. You are a very brave and honorable man. Please take care and I know that you are in good hands and god is with you everyday.

The Smith Family
Lenexa, KS

Christy said...


Since learning about your experience I have sent you prayers for peace and healing. I notice these prayers have a lot of spirit and heart and am sure it is due to the enormous spirit and heart you embody.

I and many others here will be praying for a successful surgery on Tuesday and that you experience fully the peace that comes with faith that you are held in God's love and plan for your life.

Christy (OHSU colleague of Windy's)

rivermama said...

Hey Matt,

I am writing from Portland, Oregon. You don't know me but my friend, Becky Sander, has told me about you. We are praying for you and your beautiful family and will follow your story of courage and healing. Thank you for your selfless service to our country. My gratitude is beyond words.

My dad served in the Navy in the Vietnam war and was fortunate to not come home with any physical injury but the lifelong psychological impact of witnessing the devastation of war was definitely felt. He was very proud of his time serving our country and it shaped who he was as a human being in a positive way.

I will pray for positive outcomes with your upcoming surgeries and treatments. I know that you will be showered with ongoing support in so many ways.

Carol River and family

Naghmeh said...


I am writing from Portland, Oregon and am a friend of your amazing sister, Windy, who was my chief resident five years ago.

I am so grateful that you survived this accident and wanted to thank you for your services and sacrifices. I pray and hope that God continues to protect you as you embark on your journey of healing. I hear that you have a great sense of humor ... it comes quite handy in this healing process (and this comes from personal experiences with serious illnesses)! Take good of care of yourself. I am sure that "As ye have faith, so shall be your powers."

Please know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of my family.

(Portland, Oregon; friend of Windy's)

Anonymous said...

Dear Miracle Child of God...

My husband and I are friends of the Sander's family in Portland. We live in Spokane, WA and have met your sister, Windy in years past. Becky Sander sent a letter to us about this horrific incident that has occurred in your life. We are moved by your strength and courage. We are sending love and healing energies to you and will continue to pray for not only you, but your whole family.

We know you will come through your Tuesday sugery just as you have come through the explosion and consequent medical attention with unbelievable courage and focus.
Your spirit is extremely strong and you are a "light" to us all. We send hugs and blessings to you and your precious family for continued strength as you swiftly progress to wellness and wholeness!

We see you PERFECT in every way and, this incident is but a hard place on your road to even greater good for those whose lives you will touch with your story.

Thank you for your presence on the is a source of inspiration for everyone.

In His Name...Peg and Patrick

Christine Danforth said...

Dear Matt -- You don't know me at all, but I'm a friend of your uncle and aunt, Nick and Ginny Lammers. They told me about you, and I just wanted you to know my heartfelt thoughts are with you. Few of us have been tested the way you are being tested. The world needs men of courage like you. We are better for men like you. Your survival and well-being matter so much. As you lie in your hospital bed wondering about your future, I pray you'll be sustained by how much you matter to everyone, including strangers like me. Bless you, Matt. Bless you as you undergo more surgery on Tuesday. Bless you always.

Chris Danforth
Seattle, Washington

Shaunna Rogers said...

Hey Matt,
My name is Shaunna Rogers, we went to high school together, remember me...? I heard you're finally back in the States and I wanted to wish you well. Take care of yourself and know that this too shall pass. You are in my prayers...

marta said...

Matt, I want to be your physical therapist!!!! Way to go!!! You are going to break all records and amaze all of us. I am soooooo proud of you. Much love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Matt, I have never met you but know your mom thru the preschool program in Gardner. You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts. I am the proud Daughter and Sister of military that is serving in Iraq. Thank you for serving you country.

The Sprague Family
Gardner, KS

Anonymous said...


We thank you for your service in protecting all of us in this great country! Our prayers are with you and your family and we will be praying for your continued improvement. God Bless you!!!!!!!

The Schneck Family
Overland Park, Ks

tracey said...

I feel a little less protected without you being out there to keep the bad guys away...but am soooooo happy that you're in the bosum of freedom and all the ice-cream you may want.
Large warm hugs to you, Tessa and your beautiful girls!!
I have lots of people sending you good energy vibes and healing prayers. xoxoxo cousin Tracey

Anonymous said...

Matt: Uncle Jim Mueller just acquainted me with your situation. We are neighbors across from them. We commend you for your valor and will be keeping you in our prayers.
Mary and Roger Metz
Kansas City, MO

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the service you have given our country. I am very amazed and respect the bravery, strength and courage you must have. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Amy (Heit) Morfeld
Windy's classmate at Miege