Sunday, June 24, 2007

Surgery Again Tomorrow

Matt is feeling better after his break from surgeries. He has gotten the word that he is scheduled for surgery again tomorrow. They will attempt to close his final wound. Thank you all for your continued support and notes you are leaving on this site for Matt. We will post tomorrow as we have news.


MAJ Kinsey said...

SGT Lammers,

Hang tough there, all the guys in the shop are pulling for you. If you need anything let us know, you have friends in high places.

Black Lion 3

Anonymous said...

Brother, good luck with the surgery tommorrow and continue to be the strong guy that I/we all know.

SSG Puls

marta said...

Matt, good luck with this surgery and may it be your last! My church community is all praying for you as are many across the country and from the sounds of the comments, you have many military buddies and superiors routing for you too. love you!

Annie and Greg said...

Good luck tomorrow, Matt. I talked with your mom today and she sounded very positive. Your renewed strength has buoyed her spirits, too. We continue to pray for you and hope tomorrow's surgery is successfully completed.

Love, Annie :) and Greg

Anonymous said...


We will be praying for you tonight and tomorrow. Especially for your pain levels, my heart goes out to you, Matt. My sister is having another surgery on Wednesday to revise both legs and remove a vacuum from her left leg. You might want to look at her website when you feel better. The page you want to visit is maggipiv. God Bless you.

Bridget Weinstein

Uncle Jim said...


Great to hear your voice last night and to sense your spirit. Best of luck with today's surgery and with your continued recovery. Our entire family has you in their thoughts and prayers constantly.
Love, Jim

Chuck said...

Chuck and Diane Jansen sends our thoughts and prayers. Matt is a hero and is an inspiration to us all. We will continue to keep Matt and all his family in our thoughts and prayers.