Monday, June 25, 2007

On The River

Matt with his brother-in-law, David (fishing)

Shore lunch. (From left to right: Windy, Jessica, David, Barbara, Matt, Stacy, Michael)

Summer vacations were always at “the river” growing up. Mom and Dad passed on their love of camping and canoeing the Niangua River to all of us, but none of us ever handled a canoe as well as Matt. He learned from a young age to take the stern of a canoe, and by the time he reached early adulthood, the front of his canoe was the best spot to be if you wanted to pull in a bass or a trout. He patiently and skillfully put his angler guest in the best fishing holes. A snag was merely an interesting challenge to him, giving him the opportunity to skillfully maneuver the boat through fallen trees and rocks to get to the right spot to retrieve the snagged lure. He did it with such grace.

While Matt has been home on his brief R&R’s over the past few years, he has often made trips to the river. I have a memory etched in my mind from last September –what I believe was the last time he and Tessa were in a canoe. When I first heard of Matt’s injuries I thought he would never have the opportunity for another float trip again. But, just days after the explosion, we began learning about the incredible advancements that have
been made in medical technology for amputees. Our hopes have been soaring as we have begun to see possibilities for Matt to continue to enjoy the things he loves to do.

During these difficult days over the past few weeks I have often thought about seeing Matt the first time he gets back into a canoe. I don’t want to miss it. With the help of many generous family and friends we hope to help him purchase the specialized prosthetics and equipment which he will need to some day float the river again. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to the SGT Matt Lammers Medical Fund, which will make this possible!

Be sure to check out the new links in the sidebar to the right for websites for active amputees!


Anonymous said...

my family and I are part of the HTS family. We want you to know how much we admire you and appreciate all of the sacrifices you have made for our country. We are praying for you and your family. God bless and thank you.
The Brune's

Anonymous said...

I'll ride in the front of your boat anytime! Next time you come to Portland, we'll take you rock climbing again (remember that?) Great news about your surgery today and I can't wait to hear how the therapy goes this week! You are so strong.
Becky, Curt and McKinley