Saturday, June 30, 2007

There may not be as many postings in the next two weeks, but we will resume regular updates in a week or two. Matt has some exciting things to look forward to, and we will be delighted to share his progress with you all. Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement of Matt. You may continue to leave him messages during the next two weeks, and they will get to him! He has really enjoyed hearing from you all.
By the way, this website has been put together entirely by Matt's family and friends. He hasn't yet even seen it, so the comment "It's just a flesh wound." was a joke from Monty Python that I thought he would appreciate. It wasn't his own comment. He is receiving a printed copy of the messages you all are leaving for him in the postal mail. Eventually he will be able to get onto the site and you will hear from him directly.



Tyler K. Moore said...

Hey SGT good to see your doing..alright. Even though you were in delta company with me I didn't ever see you. I went on leave and came back and you were gone. Hope all is well.

PFC Tyler K. Moore

Ann L said...

Hey, Matt

Thinking about you today and hoping you are enjoying your visit with your little darlings this weekend. I'm sure they are lifting your spirits. Give them all hugs for me, too, and keep one for yourself.

Love, Annie :)

marta said...

Hi, Matt! Thinking of you and hoping you are enjoying the weekend. Can't wait for you to start rehab so I can follow your progress!
Thanks to Jessica for all her work on the postings--you will be amazed when you see this blog!
lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hey, Matt! Hope you're having a good time with your little ones this weekend. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend, Matt and family! Hope to see some pictures!

Ann M.

Anonymous said...

...speedy recovery from nashville, tn...

Anonymous said...

We keep updated by visiting the website daily. We continue to be amazed and inspired as we learn more about you and your great strength and determination. Enjoy every moment of your time with your kids this weekend. We know that they are an inspiration to you as you focus on your recovery. It is good to see the picture of your parents with you. Hi to Gary and Barb. Also, hi to Jessica who helped us out with our children before she had children of her own. We know what loving and caring people they are and what a great support they are to you now. The prayers for you will never stop.

Carol Bartolac

Humphreys said...

Dear Matt

We are very gratefull for all the men and women who have/are serving our country so bravely. You are in our prayers for all the up-coming challenges during your rehabilitation. We anxiously wait for your visit back home at Holy Trinity. Keep up your good spirits and may God continue to Bless. You have such a beautiful family and much to live for. The Humphreys from Holy Trinity.

Anonymous said...

Matt: We are keeping you continuously in our prayers. God has a purpose in saving your life. Listen closely to Him and find joy in fulfilling that mission! He will give you strength for any obstacle.
love & prayers,
David & Dinah Wooddell
(from Westside)

marta said...

Hey, Matt! I hear you have power--and mobility! Great news. Keep on moving! love, marta

Anonymous said...

This is our first time to visit this website and I have to say, it has been both hearting and hard. My husband and I had a very hard time looking at the picture of the humvee because our nephew, Terry Clees, was the one who was driving the humvee that day.
We just want to say to you and your family, first and foremost, that we are praying for all of you. Our prayers have been with all of you that were in the humvee that day, since we got the call about Terry. And not just you but your families, too. And we are so thankful that you are all alive.
We know in our hearts that God was looking out for you all that day. And that with prayer and the love of you families, you will be able to overcome whatever life throws at you.
And we agree with what David and Dinah Wooddell said, God does have a purpose for all of you and you will all do an amazing job of it when the time comes.
And we are proud to say that we live in a country that has such brave men and women who risk their own lives and safty to make sure that we can all sleep better at night. You and the other men (Terry and the others) in that humvee are and always will be our HEROS!
Our love and prayers,
Mike and Beckie Roach

Ann and Greg said...

Hi Matt,

The day before Independence Day has us all thinking about our freedoms, families, and happiness. We are so grateful to all of the men in our armed forces, and especially, our very own. May you all have a peaceful day tomorrow, and know that you continue to be in our hearts and prayers. Thank you so much.

Aunt Annie:) and Uncle Greg

Anonymous said...

I just heard about your heroism in the line of duty. Thank you for the sacrifice you have made to secure the freedom that I so enjoy today. You are an inspiration to all!
Theresa Herting
p.s. I taught for your dad at Holy Trinity!

Jennifer said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you...

Love you lots,