Thursday, June 21, 2007

Surgery Day

Today Matt is scheduled for surgery. He is second on the docket, so we expect him to be going in at about 9:30. Thanks be to God that Matt's fever went down yesterday! More updates will come today as we have news.

**Matt went in for surgery at about 1:00pm. When we hear more, we will update again!**


bethalice said...

I just received an email about you - via a Catholic homeschooling list I am on (Kansas City Area). Thank you so much for what you do! If it wasn't for our soldiers, we would not have the freedoms we have today! My brother is in the guard (formerly he was enlisted). Today is my son's birthday. I will ask his patron saint, Saint Vincent, to intercede on your behalf. God bless you! AMDG J+M+J

Anonymous said...

SGT Lammers,
I'm writing from the Army Emergency Relief office at Fort Riley. I have been keeping up with your progress via this website that was forwarded to me from the 1-28 Rear D. You are in our thoughts and prayers here in the office and we look forward to the day that you can come in and visit us.
Take care of yourself.
Stacy Johnston and Dolly Guadalupe

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray as we read the updates. The words we read are so inspiring. We pray that surgery today goes well and that you feel the prayers and warm thoughts that people all over the country are sending your way. Blessing to all the Lammers family!

The Bartolac Family
HTS- Lenexa Kansas

Anonymous said...

May God watch over the hands of the surgeons today. Amen

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt,

I have been praying for you every day. The people of Holy Angels Church in Basehor, KS are praying for you as are my friends in Falls Church, VA. and friends and relatives across the U.S.
Thanks for giving so much for the cause of freedom and democracy.

A joke for you. Officer candidate school al Fort Sill, Oklahoma, was tough. During an inspection a fellow soldier received 30 demerits for a single penny found within his area. Ten demerits were for "valuables insecure," ten because the penny wasn't shined, and ten because Abraham Lincoln needed a shave.

Praying for a good surgery report.

Jeanne Kobler(Dave's mom)