Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good to see the smiles, Matt!

(Left)Uncle Mike (in gray shirt-this is Dad's Brother) and Aunt Theresa visit Matt.
(Right) Mom, Dad, and Tessa with Matt.


Anonymous said...

It's so great to see all of you together! Hello from Kansas City, and best wishes for speedy healing to you, Matt!

Ann M.

marta said...

Thanks so much for all the pictures! Matt looks great and so do all of you. Tessa looks like she is doing a great job of support. Mighty impressive to see the officers visiting, Matt.
Keep up the good work.

Ann L said...

Wonderful pictures, and smiles, all around. Thanks for posting them, Jessica. Hey, Matt - haven't seen you with so much hair in a long time!

Love, Annie :)

Anonymous said...

Warm wishes from Nebraska. I taught with your wonderful Mom Barbara in Edgerton, Kansas.
Matt, my prayers are with you. God bless you.
Kathleen G.

Kate said...

Hi Matt: You are my inspiration!! Justin Puls told me what a nice guy you are, and I can see from all the pictures that he is 100% correct. Nice..... AND brave. You are MY HERO, Matt. Thank you... thank you... thank you.

Kate, Davie, FL