Saturday, June 23, 2007

No Surgery Today

Matt is better rested today and looking forward to a visit with a fellow soldier. He is thankful that he was not scheduled for surgery today, allowing him some time to rest and recover. We do not have a definite plan yet for this next surgery, but believe it may be Monday.

Matt is enjoying the cards that friends and family have sent, and the photos of his family on posters in his room. Thank you to all who have sent encouragement in the mail and posted messages to him on this site. The hospital rooms do not have internet hook-ups, but the messages are being printed out and mailed to him for now.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your rest day. So many people here in Portland are thinking of you on a daily basis.
All our love,
Becky, Curt and Mac

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you will have a few days free of surgery - hope you have a restful, comfortable weekend!
Prayers, blessings, and much love,
Ann M.

The Blaes Family said...

"Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand" Mother Teresa

Matt, Tessa, Gary, & Barb,

I hope you can feel the love coming your way. Matt, your grace, bravery, and beauty are a true reflection of the love your mom and dad have for you.

You are in our thoughts and prayers many times each day. Today we pray for rest and less pain.

We love you all,
Lisa, Matt, Molly and Cavanaugh Blaes

Holy Trinity Catholic School

marta said...

Matt, keep the spirit going and gain the strength you need for the next round. I know you will continue to amaze all of us!

Anonymous said...

Matt- Keeping up with your web site each day and hoping today goes well for you. A needed rest from surgery and praying for God to assist you with your pain.
So many of us are praying for you and your family. You are an inspiration.
Jean Mears
Holy Trinity Catholic School

Ann L. said...


I love you and continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I can't even imagine the strength you have had to summon up to face each new day of recovery. I hope they will be better able to control the pain and that it will lessen with each day's passing. Have a good day today.
Love, Aunt Annie :)

justinpuls said...

Matt, we are always praying for you! Know that even though your back in the states your still here in our hearts. We WILL make you proud and will also honor you with our deeds. May God continue to bless you and your family...Justin, Gil, Luke, Christopher, Jeremy, Roman, Christain, Jason, Rodney, Brian, Matthew, Quenton, etc.....and if you see anyone useing the printer in the hospital without permission remind them that "this ain't kinko's bitch"!

Anonymous said...

Matt, rest well today. We love you. Bob & Becky

CSM Dockter said...

The guys in the three shop told me about your WEB page. So I had to check it out today when we got back. I have the greatest confindence in your recovery your at the start of a long road which will take a tremendous amount of dedication. I know you have the intestinal fortitude to come out on top. I'm pulling for you and wish you the best. By the looks of this web page you have great support from the most important things in life, family and friends. My wife attends a local church at Riley and I've already asked her to place you on the prayer list. I think of you often and I'll never forget SGT Lammers. I look forward to knowing Matt Lammers for the rest of my life. Good Luck, Best Wishes
Black Lion 7

Anonymous said...

Rest good today, and keep you spirits high. I know you will you have always been an optimistic person. Anyway just know that my family and I are thinking about you. Oh, and this site is amazing!
Alex Speak

Kate said...

Hi Matt: Your friend Justin told me about you and I am writing to let you know I am here for you. Not only will you have my physical support, you will be in my daily prayers. You are a tough young soldier and I know you will come through this with flying colors. Just remember that you are not alone, please. May God bless you, Matt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

Just been thinking about you a lot and hope those pain meds are kicking in for you. am in wisconsin and was thinking about the time you came out to our house. remember? i think that's when we started our contest! brewers are playing the royals today. wanted to go but the game was sold out. tell you parents and sisters i said hi! hang in there dude! we're all thinking and praying for you up here in the northwoods!

Anna Lisa

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how many people are praying for you. People you love pass on updates about you, and ask for more prayer. This one comes from the Missouri Ozarks! Hope you are pain free soon, and home with your family.